Experience the delicacy of BAUBAU's cottage.

 BAUBAU's products are completed in four stages of processing.

Heat-treated felt material is shaped through a metal mold and, Use a water jet to remove unnecessary parts.  

" BAUBAU's products are made of eco-friendly felt material "

" Creates a warmer interior atmosphere "

" The most cosy space for my pet "

Special space for our pets.

BAUBAU's products, produced through a year of research and development,

have features firmness and beautiful lines.

 Offer healthy lifestyle for both pets and their partners through felt materials
with quality assurance, sound proof, flame retardant and eco-friendly certifications

 Take a look at the architect's care and effort poured into the design and develpment.

We take pride in the seamless, and high quality design enabled by the development of moding technology over one year.