DYNAGRAM Design Laboratory is a creative group that is specialized in information graphics, product design and space design, studying a new angle on the problem and responding to user needs in a chang- ing technological environment. 

 DYNAGRAM that is a blend of Dynamic and Diagram, represents our design point of view. We create a new value of user experience through a design process based on logical thinking and continuous challenges to borderless design areas.

Kyuman Song, Dr.

chief designer

Dr. Kyuman Song is an award winning architect and product designer based in Seoul, South Korea, where he oversees the brand identity and product design of BAUBAU, as well as De- sign Studio DYNAGRAM Lab. He also currently teaches as a professor at the Hongik University School of Architecture. Song has a Master in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, Master in Design and Doctor of Design from Harvard University. 

 An avid lover of pets with over 40 years of experience, Dr.song currently lives with “Creamy”, an energetic Toy Poodle (7 years old) and “Dante”, a calm and cool Scottish Fold (1 year old). As an architect, Dr.Song develops BauBau products with the de- sire to create safe, happy, enjoyable items for pets to play and rest within architectural spaces.